About us

The Pearl Foundation of America is a non-profit organization with the goal to raise a higher level of awareness regarding violence against women in a way that moves the public to take action.

One of The Pearl Foundation’s goals is to generate media content that educates the public at large about the hidden factors that contribute to violence against women and maintain their prevalence, but also creating educational programs to help members of the community.  

The documentary series: “The Strings Attached” will be one of the first film projects produced and released to debut the nonprofit.

The Pearl Foundation debuted their organization to the public recently, at the “In Her Shoes” event in Oklahoma. The non-profit group created an art exhibit titled: “Breaking out of Jail”, a depiction of breaking out of the jail cell that womanhood used to be. The exhibit, is a jail cell that is made up of powerful words – things that have interacted with womanhood in oppressive ways. Inside of the Jail cell is an oppressed female, wearing a dress that is covered in words, such as: “worthless” and “damaged goods” to describe the state of being that many women have found themselves in. The point of the art exhibit is taking variables that women from all walks of life can relate to, and for viewers to put themselves “In her shoes” for a moment in time to expand their understanding. 

There are so many hidden variables when it comes to violence against women. Poverty is one of the most predominant footholds that make women vulnerable. Women who live in poverty are much easier to exploit because they are entrenched in unmet needs. Two thirds of all minimum wage workers are female. Women, on average, make 33 percent less than men, financially. Poverty can rob a woman of her independence, forcing her to rely upon an abuser for financial support, which keeps her trapped in the situation. Poverty is one of the largest contributors to all forms of violence against women. Our plan is to demonstrate just how vulnerable poverty causes women to be, in The Strings Attached film.

Other subjects that will be discussed in this series are: Stockholm syndrome (from a survivor’s perspective), realistically profiling abusers, the heavy strain on available resources to help victims, ways that measures taken to help victims often become more of a liability, counter-violence ideas, and highlights on many other blind spots within the issue.

We want to open people’s eyes to see the unseen, and open their ears to hear the words that victims can’t say. The plan is to make a bold, eye-opening film that audiences will walk away from, sober and enlightened.

A portion of all jewelry sales from The Dainty Diva will be used to help fund the film project. We want our buyers to know that every sale from our product line is a small investment to fund a project that is meant to make a big difference.